With the Good Clock Important from Lenovo, it’s straightforward for the drowsy to inform the time

Smart home products offer convenience and usefulness throughout the home, but each device is too often a one-trick pony. It can do a job and nothing else. Today Lenovo introduced a multitasking smartwatch that acts as a calendar, night light, speaker, smart assistant, and more. The Smart Clock Essential is an extension of the original Smart Clock and costs just $ 50.

The Google Assistant is integrated into the Smart Clock Essential. Thanks to the 1.5-inch 3W speaker and dual-microphone array, Google can clearly hear every query you ask and give clear answers. In addition, you get access to all music, news, podcast and other functions available through Google. Whether you want to relax for the night and listen to something calming, or read the morning news while you get dressed, you will find something that suits your taste.

You can also see the Google Assistant when you're cooking or doing laundry. You can set timers for baking, a reminder to check clothes when the washing machine finishes, or a notification that your kids had enough screen time for the day. You can also set up shopping lists, play games, and make hands-free calls. Everything the Google Assistant can do, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential can do.

The built-in night light is dim enough not to disturb anyone in the house, but bright enough that you can easily see it. No longer do you have to stumble around or use the light on your phone when you hit the kitchen for a midnight ice cream. At 31 lumens, it's not a great choice for reading, but it's perfect for looking for your phone on the bedside table.

It's not a slut like a watch either. The large numbers and LED screen make it easy to read at a glance no matter what angle you approach the screen from. The design of the Smart Clock Essential is modern enough to be at home in any room, but slim enough to fit on narrow shelves. The clock shows the time, temperature and day of the week. You can set alarms using both buttons and your voice.

The Smart Clock Essential doesn't have the same LCD touch display that Lenovo's original Smart Clock has a little more functionality, such as: B. the ability to stream a live view of your front door as it is specially designed for the bedroom.

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