Worldwide journey might not be picked up till 2023

International travel may not be picked up until 2023

If you're a frequent traveler and a travel freak like me, this is bad news for all of us as experts warn that International Travel may not arrive until 2023 or at least the vaccine will be introduced and people trust their immediate neighbors.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), the airline association of the world, has said that traveling before the pandemic will not be the same after the pandemic at least until 2023 and that the airline will suffer from many health regulations. Brian Pearce, IATA chief economist, said, "The impact of Covid on aviation will certainly continue for a few years without quickly returning to the 2019 level."

The IATA baseline scenario states that it is a setback scenario. If the blockage is ongoing or if the second wave of coronavirus hits the trip, the trip will be the same in 2024. With its latest update, IATA announced that passenger-kilometer revenue has dropped sharply from 8 to 4 billion. This is a decrease of over 50% from the 2019 data to the 2020 data to the most recent data. This has a significant impact on the entire aviation and travel industry.

Although there is a lot of bad news that airlines are at a loss, there is a wave of hope as many other airlines plan to resume flights like Emirates, Ryan Air, Air India and countries like Spain, Italy and Greece from June / July.

Although the journey is beginning, it should be noted that the number of passengers will decrease significantly until the fear of coronavirus subsides.

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