Wuhan is turning into a well-liked vacation spot for darkish vacationers

Sometimes people visit popular tourist destinations to explore the place and absorb the rich culture. These popular tourist spots attract many people and help the country increase GDP. However, these are some places that attract people due to the sad history associated with the place. These places are called dark touristic places and some examples are Chernobyl, Suicide Forest in Japan etc.

According to recent news, popular tourism experts believe that Wuhan city in China will become a popular place for dark tourism. According to the recent survey, Wuhan appears to have been named the number 1 Chinese travel destination after the end of the year. Coronavirus outbreak. The study was carried out by the Chinese Tourism Academy in Beijing.

Although Wuhan was one of the most popular places from the start, it was not associated with a popularity symbol compared to other popular cities such as Shanghai, Beijing or Xi'an. But after the recent corona virus outbreak, Wuhan, a must-see in China, has topped its charts and is now a popular tourist destination like Chernobyl, Pearl Harbor, etc.

And of course, the Hunan Sea Food market would likely be number 1 in Wuhan and was seen as ground zero for the corona virus outbreak.

The capital of Hubei Province is also home to a wide variety of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. One of the most famous sights is the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, which Wuhan created from the merger of three neighboring cities. The Yellow Crane Tower, the East Lake and the Hubei Provincial Museum are also some of the other famous tourist attractions.

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